Do You Need to Stop and Smell the Hollandaise?

The balcony outside our third floor offices is a nice place to work...

How often do you smile on the job?
Better yet, how frequently do you just laugh out loud while leading your team?
Earlier in my career, I took myself way too seriously as a leader. I was so focused on teaching, leading, and building the congregation I serve that I rarely gave myself an opportunity to stop and smell the proverbial roses. Eventually, that type of thinking leads to burnout – both for the leader and the people he or she is leading.

5 Ways Jesus Was a Hospitable Leader at The Last Supper


The Last Supper isn't usually the focus of lessons on leadership. But it should be. And here's why:

In this setting, Jesus showed exactly how effective he was as a leader. He illustrated a prime example of why people felt so at home with him – and why, consequently, they were so willing to follow him on his mission to seek and save the lost and forever change the world.
So what did he do?

The Number One Way to Get People to Listen


These days, respectful discourse seems to be a lost art.

Most of us are more than willing to offer up our opinions, but we're very unwilling to listen to someone else's – especially when we don't agree with that someone. We either shut down and wait for our turn to speak or, even worse, get involved in a combative, unproductive argument that leads nowhere and only makes both parties more frustrated and angry.



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